What kind of land is the northern island of Hokkaido?
The Owl God invites you on a video journey in which you will meet the various gods of Ainu mythology.

In the sea where the land originates, you will meet its god, the Orca, as it hunts down salmon.
As the salmon swim upstream of the river into the mountain, you will find its god, the Bear.
You will also find the Wolf God as it chases down a deer.The Ainu learned to track and hunt from nature and are grateful for the gift of the gods that is the bounty such nature provides and pray for the return of the gods, together with a bountiful blessing, to Mother Earth.

In Ainu religion and culture, the land is born from the sea, the mountains from the land, the forests from the mountains, and it is these forests that nurture the plants and animals. The Ainu learn about, respect,and cherish this land.
This creation myth and tales of gratitude that have been passed down for generations will be shown at the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building "AKARENGA".

Without the activity of the Ainu who have been rooted here since ancient times, these 150 years would not have happened.
To us, the celebration of Hokkaido's 150th anniversary is about representing the epic creation myth of this Great Northern Land from even more than 150 years ago.
We want to connect to the future and leave the fate of that future in the hands of all living things. This presentation is an homage to all life and a representation of the respect for it.